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Famous celebrities that have “Love Child”

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Here is a list of celebrities whose hot affairs took an unexpected turn resulting in a love child.

  1. Amir Khan and Jessica Hines:

The most joyful time was transformed into a nightmare as Aamir demanded that Either terminate the pregnancy or end their relationship. Hines resisted the urge to conceive “Jaan” and follow orders. The biography of Amitabh Bachchan was penned by the love kid “Jaan,” as is well known. The youngster is now a teenager, 13 years old, and resides in London with his mother. Jessica frequently posts images of her son on her Twitter page.

The scandal surrounding Aamir Khan’s love child with British journalist Jessica is well-known. Aamir Khan and Jessica’s purported love affair allegedly began on the sets of his film “Ghulam,” according to a well-known tabloid. They were reportedly also living together at the time, and that’s when everything changed when Jessica fell pregnant with his child.

Jessica Hines and Amir khans love chiled _- JAAN

2. Mithun Pundare and Anami:

Mithun Purandare, Mughda Godse’s ex-boyfriend, and his Belgian-Canadian lover recently had an unmarried son. Since three years ago, I’ve known Anami. She informed me one day that she wanted to have a child with me, and I concurred, he claimed.

3. Purab Kohli and Lucy Payton:

In the entertainment world, few people openly discuss their relationships and extramarital affairs. But, Purab recently made a startling admission regarding his adopted child Inaya. His adorable child was born the previous year. Purab hurried to London while filming “Rock On 2” to be with his pregnant fiancée Lucy Payton, a yoga instructor who lives in the UK.

Even though the pair hasn’t had a grand wedding celebration yet, Purab informed that they have legally signed the papers and that a great party will be held in London the following year. Purab revealed his elaborate wedding preparations, saying, “We have formally signed the documents and will have a great celebration in London next year. We simply want Inaya to hold the flowers when we say our vows while she is standing upright.

4. Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards:

Vivian Richards and Neena Gupta’s much-discussed relationship shocked everyone in the entertainment and sports industries. Neena Gupta was raised by very traditional parents and never had a radical upbringing. The 55-year-old, who graduated from Delhi University with a Master’s degree in Philosophy in Sanskrit, recalls that her mother was a strict and devout Gandhian.

She left for Bombay in 1981 with the strict requirement that she live with her mother’s best friend in order to pursue her acting ambitions. By the time she became pregnant with Masaba in 1989, she had already lost her mother. Neena is in charge of the business’s finances.

5. Pt. Ravi Shankar : one of the most renowned Indian musicians, was somewhat of a gipsy when it comes to being devoted to his girlfriends. He not only had various affairs, but several of them overlapped with one another. Norah, who was born in 1979, was the daughter of Sue Jones, the concert producer where Ravi Shankar resided with her.

6. Raj Kapoor And Nargis:

Despite Raj Kapoor being a married man, it is well known that the great actors and Nargis had a perfect relationship both on and off-screen. When Dimple Kapadia was born, this connection seems to have intensified greatly. Despite the fact that this is a contentious issue, anyone who has seen Bobby can attest that Nargis and the then-features newbie’s were remarkably similar.

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