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Garfield-the Orange Fat Cat Cartoon

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The Garfield Beginnings

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Garfield is a comic strip created by Jim Davis, which was first published on June 19, 1978. Garfield is a fictional orange tabby cat and the protagonist of the comic strip. He resides along with his owner Jon Arbuckle and a dog, Odie the yellow-furred brown-eared beagle. The comic strip is based in Muncie, Indiana home town of Jim Davis (Jim Davis has also published U.S. Acres comics, a comic Regarding farm animals.)


The comic strips centres around the daily lives of the 3 main characters along with recurring characters. The comic strip portrays Garfield as a lazy, fat, and cynical orange Persian/tabby cat. He is noted for his love of lasagna and sleeping, and his hatred of Mondays, fellow cat Nermal and exercise. Garfield typically gets into many adventures and mischief along with sidekick Odie.

Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis.


Originally the comic strips published locally as Jon in 1976, then in nationwide syndication from 1978 as Garfield. In 1981 Paws Inc.(Incorporated), was founded by cartoonist Jim Davis, as a creative house to support Garfield licensing. As of 2013, the strips were syndicated in roughly 2,580 newspapers and journals and held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip. The cat also has more than 16 million fans on Facebook.

Garfield Merchandise

Everything Garfield

Jim Davis didn’t stop with comics but spawned a TV show plus a number of video games, feature films, books, and holiday specials. He also merchandised telephones, toys, T-shirts, pizza, etc. The products are available all over the globe online as well as shops till date.

The eGarfield Stuff

All physical stuff are likely not available all around the globe. Basically, the character is highly famous in western countries. Thus other country people love Garfield via internet, in all possible ways through:

Do you wanna know some more insteresting facts about Garfield, click here.

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