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“I hate it when someone says South industry and North,” Akshay Kumar spoke of the North-South debate

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Akshay Kumar is getting ready to release Prithviraj, his upcoming historical drama. The actor expressed his thoughts on the North vs. South dispute while promoting the film in the city earlier today. While the national discussion about language continues, it has reached the entertainment sector thanks to a Twitter exchange between Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeepa. While pan-India films have been highly welcomed in India, the linguistic controversy rages on in the background.

“I don’t believe in this division,” Akshay Kumar stated during a media encounter when asked about the language difference in the entertainment industry. When someone says “South industry” and “North industry,” I cringe. I feel we are all part of the same industry. I believe we should no longer ask this question. It is critical that we comprehend how the British dominated us: by separating us. Our lessons have never been learned. This element is still a mystery to us. Things will start working better for us the day we recognise we are one industry.”

“It is awful that this argument is taking place, and we are all becoming victims of it,” he continued. Why can’t we be referred to as a single industry? Why are we referred to as the North-South industry? All of our languages are excellent; we speak our native tongues, and we are all attractive. We keep splitting ourselves, which is sad.”

Akshay Kumar has appeared in a number of Hindi remakes of South Indian films. “Someone questioned me in the morning about remakes and why are we remaking it?” Akshay stated when asked about the trend of remakes and remixes. Why not, I wondered? What exactly is the issue? Is there an issue with remaking? My film, OMG, Oh My God!, was recreated in Telugu and became a great success.

We rebuilt their Rowdy Rathore and it worked for all of us. Why is it that anyone has a problem? Why shouldn’t it be possible? People often wonder why we shouldn’t alter tunes. Why is it that there are originals and remakes, and no one seems to mind them coexisting? What’s wrong with buying the rights to a terrific film created in the South and remaking it?”

“People doubt our ability. It’s not about skill; we all have it; it’s about the story’s ability to engage the audience. People on Twitter have become into critics who want to weigh in on everything. Why? Don’t get carried away, in my opinion. “We’re all attempting to complete our tasks,” he added.

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