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Here’s why Justin Bieber has been banned by Ferrari

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According to a story in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, pop star Justin Bieber has been barred from purchasing or driving Ferrari automobiles. According to reports, Ferrari was fed up with Bieber’s terrible behavior with their cars, which was in breach of Ferrari’s ownership guidelines, resulting in Bieber’s suspension.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what part of Justin Bieber’s long list of PR disasters irritated Ferrari so much that it took such drastic measures, let me assure you that the singer did not set fire to a Ferrari supercar for views on YouTube (a very popular trend among wealthy influencers), nor did he do anything to mock the brand with the prancing horse logo. For a few weeks, all he did was misplace his Ferrari 458 Italia!

Bieber had the real-life “Dude, Where’s My Car?” episode in 2015, when he completely forgot where he had parked his neon-blue Ferrari after a night of intense partying in Beverly Hills. According to rumors

Modifying or altering Ferrari automobiles without their permission is the quickest way to irritate them. Bieber, being Bieber, ignored the warning and had his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition altered by none other than West Coast Customs, which includes unsightly flared fenders, a neon-blue wrap, aftermarket rims, and more.

This raises an instant red flag for Ferrari, who considers it blasphemous., Bieber was separated from his fully customized Ferrari for several weeks, which leads to another reason why Ferrari was upset with him. The Italian manufacturer is certain that the supercars it produces are works of art that should not be tampered with in any manner.

To make matters worse, Bieber breached yet another Ferrari ownership restriction by auctioning off his 458, this time without the automaker’s permission, which proved to be the final nail in the coffin. If you’re wondering how all of these things can be deemed severe infractions worthy of being blacklisted, understand that Ferrari values its public image and brand value more than any other company on the planet.

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