Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Kangana Ranaut Praises South Stars, Says Bollywood Star Kids Look Like ‘Boiled Eggs’

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Kangana Ranaut has never been shy about her hatred for Bollywood nepotism. The actor has been outspoken about how she believes celebrity kids in Hindi films deny ‘outsiders’ of possibilities.

Now, Kangana Ranaut has blasted star kids once more, claiming in a recent interview that their lack of audience relatability is what is driving Hindi films to lose ground to South films.

Kangana believes it’s because the audience doesn’t connect with the celebrity youngsters who play the main characters in many Hindi films.

Kangana Ranaut reacted to a question on what makes South Indian cinema more successful than Bollywood these days in an interview with ABP Live. “The way they interact with their audience is incredibly strong,” the actor responded. It’s far more than fans, in my opinion. What happens with us is that their (stars’) children move abroad to finish their education. They only watch Hollywood movies and speak in English.

They only eat with a knife and fork and speak in a different way. So, how are they going to connect? Dekhne me bhi ajeeb se aise lagte hai jaise uble hue ande jaise uble hue ande (They even look weird like boiled eggs). People are unable to relate to them because their entire appearance has changed. “I’m not trying to troll anyone.”

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