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Katy Perry on Couples Therapy and Why She Broke Up With Orlando Bloom Before Reconciling

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On Chelsea Handler’s Dear Chelsea podcast, Katy Perry talked about the work she and her partner Orlando Bloom do to keep their relationship healthy. Both are in therapy and have completed the Hoffman Process (a week-long therapeutic retreat) at various points in their relationship.

Perry was responding to a question from a viewer about how she should yell less with her boyfriend.

“I have discovered that—I know it sounds like a cliché—but like three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth,” Perry said of the practise of yelling, followed by the benefit of couple’s counselling. It simply broadens your mental horizons, allowing you to think outside of the box. And I think you’re right about the whole—I remember being yelled at as a kid, and I remember thinking, ‘Oh, that never worked with me,’ and knowing it won’t work with the other person.”

“Because they’re there to be your mirrors, your partners usually see your best and a lot of your worst qualities,” Perry concluded. “Orlando and I go to couple’s counselling, which we enjoy because it keeps us in tune, because resentment can build up quickly when you’re both working hard.” And god bless successful individuals in the spotlight, because if you want to return to being normal in a domesticated world with a child and things like that, you have to truly understand how to be different out there in the large and little. As a result, that couple’s therapy has been very successful.”

“But she [the viewer] asked if there was a treatment or something like that,” Perry added. “I went to this place—I’m sure you’ve heard of it—called the Hoffman Process. And I went there—Orlando went before me.”

Perry then went into detail about their split and what caused it. “We were dating at the time.” It was boring because he returned after going and wasn’t leaning into all of my nonsense. ‘We’re breaking up then!’ I exclaimed as it became tedious. Then I had the hardest year of my life—not just because of relationships, but because so many other things were altering and moving for me in ways that I honestly feel were opportunities for me to mature and learn. It seemed as though we’d arrived to a fork in the road. Which route will you take, the L or the R? So a year later, I went to the Hoffman Procedure, which is incredible because it’s a week-long process with scholarships available. It’s a little pricey, but I think it’s the best deal. You don’t have a mobile phone, so you simply get deep into workouts with other people, which is amazing because they constantly stimulate you, and you work through those triggers. But basically, it’s a location where you may re-wire your brain’s neuro-pathways and discover new things. There is a lot of awareness. You’ll learn why you have these patterns and habits and where they come from, and whether they’re actually coming from mom or dad. So who yelled at you if you’re yelling? It takes practise. It completely transformed my life. It’s the first thing I recommend to everyone who is ready to take their life to the next level.”

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