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Kaun Banega Crorepati 13: Contestant asks host Big B if he has ever communicated with wife Jaya Bachchan through gestures; the latter gives a hilarious response

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The episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 starts with roll-over contestant Amit Chopda from Chikli, Maharashtra. Big B starts the show by welcoming him and then pulling his leg over his love story with wife Varsha.
Amit Chopda and Varsha both communicate through sign language and throw flying kisses at each other. Amit asks Mr Bachchan that while sitting in a room has he ever communicated through these gestures or thrown flying kisses at his wife Jaya Bachchan to woo her. Big B replies to him saying that they have never felt a need for this as now it’s almost 50 years to their marriage and what will they do by showering flying kisses (takreeban ab 50 saal ho gaye hai. Kya karenge aise kuch karke). Host Amitabh Bachchan resumes the game show with him and asks a question for Rs 10,000 to Amit and he quickly answers it and wins the amount.

Moving ahead, Big B presents the question for Rs 20,000. He shows him a picture and asks which flightless bird’s egg is this? Amit gets confused between two options and decides to use his 50-50 lifeline. The correct answer was: Emu. He successfully wins the amount.
Big B chats with Amit Chopda and asks him about what else he does apart from working at a bank and the latter reveals his love for wildlife photography. Amit reveals that he saves all his leaves and goes to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary on January 26 every year. He then shows a few of the pictures clicked by him to Mr Bachchan and leaves him fascinated. Mr Bachchan compares birds and human life and says how similar it is. Big B asks his wife Varsha if she has ever accompanied her husband, she says that only once and that too because she was suspicious of him and wanted to make sure.

The host reads out the next question for Rs 40,000. The amount of Rs 7 crore in which of these currencies would have the highest value in India rupee? Amit is not sure and hence decides to use his lifeline ‘The Audience Poll’. He gives the right answer: Euro.

Amit Bhat again gets stuck at Rs 80,000 question and uses his third lifeline ‘Flip The Question’ for an audio based question. Who is this rapper, sharing a tle about his first public performance. The answer was Badshah and he took a wrong guess. Amit selects Nature and wildlife as his topic of interest. Mr. Bachchan presents the next question. Which of these animals would typically have the most number of legs? Amit is unsure of the answer and takes the help of his last lifeline ‘Ask The Expert’. The correct answer was: Crab.

Amit Chopda gets confused and decides to quit the show after seeing the next question. Which of these people introduced the first Kodak camera in 1988, which made amateur photography popular? The answer was: George Easman. He takes home Rs 80,000.

Big B plays the Fastest Finger First – Triple test round with the next contestants and Ankita Sadarani a student from Gandhinagar, Gujarat makes it to the hot seat. She gets a standing ovation from the audience as she joins Big B on the hot seat. She gives right answers and swiftly answers the questions and wins Rs 20,000. The episode comes to an end and Ankita becomes the roll-over contestan

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