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Naina Singh accuses Kumkum Bhagya producers of playing dirty – Reason why she unfollowed Co Actor Mugdha Chaphekar

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Naina Singh of Kumkum Bhagya, Bigg Boss 14 and Splitsvilla opened up on her trauma

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Naina Singh has alleged how the makers of Kumkum Bhagya made her suffer threatening to sabotage her career. She says she failed to bag three web shows even after clearing the auditions as someone at ‘that level’ made sure she did not get it. Naina Singh also said that Bigg Boss 14 makers wasted her time and how doing the show further hampered her career.

The actress said that she lived with her mom and pets. It seems it did not affect her much as she had the emotional support. The actress revealed that she has been very depressed. Naina Singh said that it is a phase and things would get better. The actress said she is hopeful.

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Naina Singh alleges that producers of Kumkum Bhagya sabotaged her career

Naina Singh said that she is a frank person and revealed why her comeback is being delayed. The actress said that when she left Kumkum Bhagya the producers told her that they did make sure she does not get work elsewhere. Naina Singh said that she did not take the threat seriously as she believed that auditions and talent it what matters. But she says the makers ensured that Naina did not get work. Naina Singh told “. I was kicked out of three web series and a lot of scenes. So, I am trying and getting there but there is always somebody at that level who kicks me out. For me, life is hard and ever since I’ve left that show, I haven’t done any real work.” Naina Singh said that she stayed mum on this for a long time but now she cannot be quiet any more.

Naina Singh reveals she regrets doing Bigg Boss 14

The actress said that she is not someone who did get eliminated in two weeks. Naina Singh said her record in reality shows was too good. The actress said that post Bigg Boss her life became even tougher. People did not want her in projects as she had done the reality show. Naina Singh said that she only watched Bigg Boss 13 in her whole life and that too because of Sidharth Shukla. Naina Singh says she was not told that she is doing to be a wild card. She says she does not regret Kumkum Bhagya but Bigg Boss 14 even more.

Naina Singh alleges that makers of Bigg Boss 14 wasted her time

The actress says that Bigg Boss makers promised her that she did be a regular contestant. Naina Singh alleges that she was made to stay in a hotel for three weeks with no idea of what was happening. She says people are very pretentious on the show. And so are the fights. She reveals she had fights with Eijaz Khan, Nikki Tamboli and everyone but none of it was telecast.

Naina Singh wants a fair chance to talk with Kumkum Bhagya producers

Naina Singh says she is hurt when people call her a flop actress with no work. She says people do not know why it is happening. Naina Singh told, “I tried to speak with the makers and I told them, ‘If you do not want to give me work on your own platform, that’s okay but do not do things like that for me’ but the makers don’t want to talk to me. They don’t want to clear the air.” The actress reveals the show’s producer has never met her and had the conversation. It is always via someone. She says she just believes what people tell her. Naina Singh further told, “But do you understand, I am nobody. I started my career with that show and if you are making me so important in your life. I would love to make amends and clear the air but people are not interested.”

Naina Singh on the conditions with which she left Kumkum Bhagya

Naina Singh says more than a struggle she is dealing with a conspiracy. She says she does not understand what joy people get from harming her career. She says it is heart-breaking and tough as she is the only breadwinner. Naina Singh says she gave Kumkum Bhagya makers her termination letter nine months before when the period is six months. It seems they asked her to stay for more three months. The actress said that she asked for more screen time, which they refused. Later, they threatened to ruin her career in the industry.

Naina Singh on why she unfollowed Kumkum Bhagya’s Mugdha Chaphekar

She says she took her co-stars as her family but they never took a stand for her. They did not support her in Bigg Boss 14 as well. She told, “So, I don’t want such people in my life and I am happy. If you don’t want to be nice, it’s okay. I don’t want any fake people in my life.”

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