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Rashmika Mandanna’s fitness routine that helps her stay in shape

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How South actress Rashmika maintains her fitness

Rashmika Mandanna is a model and a South Indian actress who has worked extensively in Telugu and Kannada films. Known for her great roles in films like Geetha Govindam and Kirik Party, Rashmika has proven her mettle as an actress with her roles and has been widely admired for her beauty and looks. Her fitness has also been a source of inspiration to many and today we bring to you the fitness regimen of the actress who is currently ruling over people’s hearts with her acting and looks.

Workout routine

Rashmika believes that staying fit and healthy is much more important than staying slim. Prioritizing her health over the fitness scale, Rashmika’s fitness routine involves working out four times a week and activities like kickboxing, skipping, dancing, swimming, spinning, yoga and brisk walk. Apart from these activities for cardio, she also practices weight training for building muscle. A combination of cardio vascular exercises and weight training perfectly make up her work out routine.

Detailed workout regimen

The workout routine of the actress begins with warm up exercises like full body foam roll and world’s greatest stretch. After performing these exercises for a time period of two to three minutes, activation exercises such as hip thrusts, half kneeling band rows, medicine ball slam and YTW raise on flat bench follow. She does not perform all of these exercises every day, but a combination of all exercises to ensure a balanced work out.

She also includes multi-joint primary exercises in her fitness regime that include landmine deadlift, bench push-up, isometric push-up, push-up with weight plates. Three sets with eight to ten repetitions of each are done and body workout with dumbbells include exercises like snatch, push press, upright row, and bent over row with six repetitions of each. She also includes chin up exercises in her work out routine.

Diet plan

Rashmika Mandanna embraced a vegetarian diet recently and was diagnosed with allergic reactions to vegetables like cucumber, potatoes, capsicum and tomatoes. She begins her day with a glass of warm water and has now switched to apple cider vinegar after her dietician advised her to do so. She makes sure that she keeps herself hydrated and drinks plenty of water. Hailing from South India, she prefers South Indian cuisine for lunch but avoids rice . For dinner, she likes to have vegetable soup or raw fruits for dinner.

The secret to her beautiful skin

In order to maintain her skin, hair and beauty, Rashmika follows a skin care routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing every night before going to bed. She also believes in staying as close to nature as possible and swears by sunscreens and mostly natural products for hair care and skin care.

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