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Shocking dark secrets of Bollywood celebrities

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  • Did you know that at the age of 12, Ranveer lost his virginity? He also admitted that he was quite a s*x fanatic before he was 26!
  • Ranveer has also made the famous admission that he keeps a condom in his wallet. He believes that birthday s*x is the ideal present for him! When a producer questioned him if he could see and touch the “thing,” he admitted that he had indeed used the casting couch.
  • Leone, who was training to be a nurse when someone contacted her, turned into a p0rn star!
  • Did you know that she decided to only participate in l*sbian scenes throughout her career as a p0rn actress? At the age of 16, Sunny lost her virginity to a basketball guy from her school, and at the age of 18, she learned she was bisexual! At age 11, she experienced her first kiss.
  • Up till the age of 22, Shilpa Shetty was reportedly highly responsible. It was claimed that she had never even kissed a boy before to her romance with Akshay Kumar. She eventually “trusted” Akshay, and things quickly changed drastically!
  • Shilpa actually told the other contestants on Big Brother that she entered her first relationship at the age of 22, and when they inquired as to whether she had lost her virginity at that time, she only answered with a bashful smile. That certainly makes a statement.
  • Did you know that Ranbir Kapoor, who presents as a very sombre young man, actually lost his virginity at the age of just 15?
  • Ranbir Kapoor also said that he has cheated on a partner in the past. Deepika Padukone, his ex-girlfriend, claims that he has a serious issue and that she would “give him a condom” as a result.
  • It seems that Govinda was once apprehended at Rani Mukerji’s house. If rumours are to be believed, Govinda was reportedly seen by a journalist leaving Rani’s bedroom at her Versova house while wearing only a nightgown.
  • When Govinda admitted to having extramarital affairs, he also made his infidelity public. When questioned about the nature of such occurrences, he chose to remain silent and maintain his privacy.
  • At a club, Emraan Hashmi met Parveen Shahani, his future wife. In actuality, their union began as what appeared to be a fling! Parveen reportedly gave Emraan her underwear, which was marked with her phone number.
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