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The life of Rishab Shetty after “Kantara”

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The newest sensation in Indian cinema, Rishab Shetty, now affectionately known as the Divine Star, grew up seeing the spiritual transformation of his uncle, who went from being a rogue and an immoral guy to becoming a saint after attaining enlightenment. Rishab was disturbed by his uncle’s personality transformation and often considered modelling a fictional character after him after him.

“My uncle gained enlightenment and stopped wearing shoes. He gained divinity, went barefoot, and developed piety. My inspiration for the role of Shiva in Kantara came from his life “the actor-director added.

At a recent conversation with the “Karnataka Film Journalists’ Association” in Bengaluru, Rishab, who is still enjoying the enormous popularity of his ecological thriller, shared fascinating details about the picture.


The legendary director modestly recognised that “Kantara” is not the first Kannada movie to feature the mythology of Panjurli, Kola, and Daivaradhane (worshipping of spirit). The first movie to deal with the myth of Panjurli was BV Karanth’s Chomana Dudi (1975).

“Forest residents, their customs, and habits caught my attention frequently. I choose not to insult anyone by narrating their ideas in a visual manner. People were able to relate to the information since it reached their subconscious minds “He made the offer.

The 39-year-old claimed that coexistence is the fundamental tenet of Kantara. “I wanted to demonstrate the power of the holy spirit to solve issues related to peaceful coexistence. Children were helped by the movie to comprehend Daiva’s philosophy (spirit). In fact, Kantara made it possible for the media to bring up the issues priests were having with the government and ensure that they received compensation “He expressed his opinion.

Success story

He said, “I didn’t think Kantara would be such a big hit and be dubbed in seven languages. “On Friday, it opened in 10 theatres in Bombay; on Saturday, that number rose to 110, and every theatre was packed. Five days prior to the Telugu version’s debut in Andhra Pradesh, we just unveiled posters. In just four days, the movie brought in roughly Rs 30 crore. Strong word of mouth caused this to occur “the actor remarked.

According to him, Kantara has shown that if a movie has good material, viewers will watch it to the very end. “Vijay Kiragandur, the producer, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on advertising but we did want to make sure the movie saw enough early audiences. In the event that it generates interest, we had plans to promote it. In the early stages of the rollout, we were also very clear about who our target market was.” Rishab is taken aback by the movie’s success, especially in the Hindi-speaking region. Even after 100 days and despite the movie being accessible on OTT platforms, the Hindi version is still being shown in theatres, he continued.

Kantara sequel

Has the prequel to Kantara started to take shape? Research is being done for the script. The preliminary work has begun. He assured the audience that the prequel will be full of surprises. According to him, the movie’s genre would also be unique. When asked if Rajinikanth would have a part in the prequel, the superstar remained silent.

Rishab wrapped up the interaction saying he is keen on adapting classic Kannada novels on the big screen and making children’s films.

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