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Juhi Chawla has a distinguished career that has been free of scandal. Nonetheless, there are some things that are hidden, and whether or not one would describe them as black depends on the individual.

The biggest secret came out when Juhi explained her motivations for wanting to wed Jay Mehta in secret. Before she entered the field, they were acquainted. The pair didn’t start making headlines until Juhi fell pregnant with her first child. Juhi lived in continual anxiety that once the secret comes out, she will lose her stardom.

In the Koffee with Karan segment called Rapid Fire, Juhi made some audacious claims. She answered Parineeti Chopra when asked which Bollywood star requires a stylist and therapist.

Juhi chawla in koffee wiht karan

She frequently claimed credit for launching the careers of other actresses, particularly Raveena Tandon and Karishma Kapoor, who benefited from the roles she turned down.

Juhi Chawla and Raveen Tandon

She made it plain on stage during a live programme where Juhi and Tabu served as the hosts that she is accountable for launching Tabu’s career because some of her leftover films helped make Tabu successful.

She stated that she did not want to be second fiddle to Madhuri Dixit for Dil To Pagal Hai. She did, however, co-star with her in Gulaab Gang years later.

Stills from Gulab Gang

Aamir and Juhi collaborated on a number of successful songs, but their relationship deteriorated for years when the actress quit the set of the Ishq song “Ankhiyan Tu Mila Le” filming because Aamir kept teasing her. Indra Kumar and Aamir apologised at her home. After the event, Aamir subsequently acknowledged that he exhibited some egotism, but after a few years, everything was resolved over the phone.

amir khan and juhi chawla

It’s kind of funny. Imran Khan, Aamir Khan’s nephew, used to join the celebrity on the set, where Juhi Chawla first met him. Imran proposed to Juhi when she was still impressionable, and she agreed. She was even given a ring by Imran Khan. Yet, the romance persisted for 3–4 days before Imran decided to take the ring back and give it to someone else.

Juhi Chalwa and Imran Khan

Attitude, speaking her heart out or whatever, the talented actress was not a part of big controversies.

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