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These People Shared Their Experience Of Meeting Indian Celebrities

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The popularity of Bollywood and its stars has spread around the world, as is well known. Millions of people’s hearts are under the control of this multimillion dollar enterprise. Because of this, Bollywood has a sizable global fan base. In India, Bollywood films have a significant cultural impact. Individuals occasionally aspire to live the lives of their favourite artists and celebrities, and it goes without saying that Bollywood celebs’ lifestyles are carefully monitored at all times.

Celebrities are not just heavily guarded, but they are also difficult for non-celebrities like us to interact with. As a result, we are left with little choice but to imagine them to be our soulmates in our own mental universe.

Seeing your favourite B-Town celebrities in person still seems like a fantasy, but it would be wonderful to see your role model—someone you’ve looked up to since you were a child—in person. Is it not?

Well, there have been occasions when these Bollywood celebrities had a face-to-face interaction with their fans and those fans shared their experiences.

Let’s have a look at the list of encounters that fans have had with famous people. Some of them are also unforeseen and unbelievable.

“When I first met SRK, I told him his movie was terrible. He was at a loss for words. In the airport, I also ran into Dhoni and received his autograph. He seems relaxed.

“I don’t know if you consider Rakhi Sawant to be a celebrity. But if you do, continue reading. You can see how snarky she is on the screen. That multiplied by ten describes how she really is.

Sunny Leone — happened to be a member of the planning committee when she came to visit my city. Oh goodness, never in my life have I seen a bigger bitch. She only succeeds in projecting an impression of a sweet child, and that’s all it is. After being booked into a five-star hotel, she expresses dissatisfaction with the view

karena Kapoor. Long ago, I saw her at an airport. Without makeup, actors are essentially unrecognisable.

Anupam Kher: Anupam was unintentionally present for a friend’s wedding at a five-star hotel in Chandigarh. He was waiting for me in the lobby. I didn’t want to request a picture or an autograph because his father had just passed away, but when friends asked, he agreed and walked away. Not smiling at all, which is understandable.

Ajay Devgn: “We (my wife and our twin 5-year-old girls) were waiting for our international connection at the Bombay airport. I saw him ambling around in front of a cafe or restaurant, and I showed him to my wife (she loves Hindi Music). Hey, let’s get a picture of him with our girls, she suggested. I approached him reluctanly and gently requested permission to snap a photo of him with my little children. He declines and shows me a sign that reads, “No Photography,” which I had not seen previously.

“When the Chaiyya Chaiyya song’s filming, Shah Rukh Khan and I met at the Ooty train station. He gave out a good vibe. During the ten minutes I spent with him, Guy smoked at least three cigarettes. looked a little shabby even back then.

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