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Urfi Javed caught red handed by police while filming adult film

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Urfi Javed is one of the most talked about actresses. Let us tell you that Urfi is very active on social media, she keeps sharing some or the best posts with her fans every day. Which her fans like very much. Fans are seen expressing a lot of love on her post. Recently one of her videos is becoming quite viral. In which the police is seen arresting her in the case of making an adult film. On the other hand, Urfi says that she is ‘innocent’.

The video has been shared from Rohit Gupta’s official Instagram account. It can be clearly seen in the video that Urfi comes and sits with a girl in an office. Where a casting director starts discussing with her about the film. The director tells her that this film is too secret. She says that from the shooting of the film to the casting, everything will be secret. To which Urfi agrees and asks the girl accompanying her to go out. After which the director tells that the name of the film will be ‘Titanic’.

After which the director tells Urfi that the film also stars actor Ranbir Kapoor. But she will be seen as a villain. After which Urfi gets very much shocked. Then the director also makes Ranbir talk to her. At the same time, Rohit talks to her in the voice of the actor. Then Urfi asks the director who will be the hero, then the director replies that she is an outside country star. After which director Rohit comes to the office with that artist. Which is not really a star. Seeing this, Urfi gets very shocked.

Urfi asks the director that she had said that someone outside will be a famous star of the country. On which she says that she is famous. She is from Uganda. After all this the director asks Urfi to give an audition. Both are giving auditions. Then there is the entry of the police and the police feel that something wrong is happening. To which the director says that Urfi had called her to shoot an adult film. On which Urfi’s face was worth seeing.

Urfi then dials a phone number. Then they discover that they have been the victims of a joke. Her video is gaining a lot of attention. Urfi expresses her dissatisfaction with her career. This spoof video of her has a lot of fans.

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