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Why did Kareena Kapoor abruptly split from Shahid Kapoor and subsequently wed controversial Saif Ali Khan, who was much older, divorced, and the father of two grown children?

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For four years, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor were romantically involved. After the release of Jab We Met, she broke up. Later, she wed the older actor, a divorcee and father of two kids. Saif and Kareena became Saifina in this way.

Kareena stated in an interview that “Jab We Met transformed my career and Tashan changed my life.” During the making of the movie Tashan, Saif and Kareena became friends.

Even though Shahid and Kareena never publicly discussed their breakup, the following are some potential causes:

  1. Saif Ali Khan was a match for Kareena and Shahid Sanskari was more of a family man.

2- Since Kareena is a Punjabi Nonvej and Shahid Kapoor is a strict vegetarian, there was always going to be conflict after the couple got married.

  1. Saif Ali Khan is a member of the “clan of Nawabs,” so extreme wealth may potentially be a factor.

4- The main reason was that Kareena Kapoor had to cease acting in movies once she wed Shahid Kapoor, which Kareena did not want to do.

  1. Because Kareena Kapoor is a party girl who struggles to fit in with Shahid’s family, she selected Saif in 2012.

6- If reports are to be believed, Saif and Kareena Kapoor wed when the Tashan movie was being made because she gave him everything.

Both Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor and Meera Rajput are currently enjoying happy marriages.

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