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10 Pictures of Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan That Made Us Believe They Were More Than Just Friends

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Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan made headlines for their films, followed by rumours of a raging affair between the two, and how they’ve been inseparable in public like passionate lovers. Here are some photos that show they were more than just friends.

At one of the award ceremonies, SRK kissed PC’s hands.

PC began to be seen at the majority of his public appearances, including IPL matches.

There was even talk of a midnight nikaah. Because SRK’s religion allows him to marry more than once. According to media reports, Karan Johar and the majority of the film industry almost boycotted Priyanka, labelling her a home-breaker.

When Khan was anchoring the 2013 Filmfare Awards, Priyanka planted a kiss on SRK’s cheek.

When SRK kissed Priyanka Chopra on the cheek in full public view, everyone was stunned.

Their mannerisms fueled the ongoing fire of gossip.

SRK and PC at one of the events following the release of their film Don 2.

After all the rumours, their friendship and on-screen chemistry came to an end. But we haven’t seen any photos in years.

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