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“At least I could have been in the audience”: Hina Khan on not being invited to the India Pavilion at Cannes 2022

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Hina Khan is the talk of Cannes 2022. People have bowed down to her exquisite fashion sense in her three appearances on the French Riviera. Hina Khan is in attendance for the unveiling of the poster for her film Country of the Blind.

The actress talks about how things changed for her after Cannes 2019 in an interview with Film Companion. The actress claimed that elitism is prevalent, citing an example of how the entire industry was present at the India Pavilion, but she was not invited. Hina Khan said this to Anupama Chopra’s Film Companion.

Hina Khan expressed her disappointment at not being invited to the India Pavilion. The actress informed Anupama Chopra that she was neither bitter or jealous of her counterparts or other actresses there. She highlighted that the pavilion was not only for Bollywood, but also for musicians and others.

She stated, “At the very least, I might have been among the crowd. That Ghoomar video was fantastic. I was delighted to see my country represented so brilliantly. I am an Indian with pride.” The actress said she didn’t blame anyone, but she recognised that elitism went far deeper than most people realised.

The actress also discussed how there was widespread contempt for TV actresses. She recalled an earlier speech in which she claimed that TV actors were compared to day labourers just because they worked long hours and for months. “This level of contempt does not exist anyplace else.

Actors in other mediums are treated with the same respect. For us, the road ahead is still steep “she remarked.

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