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Badi Door Se Aaye Hai-The Hilarious TV Series Ever

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BDSAH is the story of an extraterrestrial family. They come to earth with an aim to find their eldest, lost son, named 2015. It was the best show on Indian television, while it lasted and till date. The story is amazing, and it’s literally out of earth comedy.


The alien family includes a father, a mother, three sons (one lost), one daughter (who didn’t come to earth) and an Uncle. To retain their human body from being two-headed aliens they consumed formula 070. In addition, they had to have human names. The names were Vasanth, Varsha, Hemanth, Shisheer and Sharad. The surname was a problem and somehow they came up with a uniqueness ‘Ghotala’.


The aliens had to adopt human lifestyle like living in a home. Finally, they found a home in Sun-Shine colony with nosy neighbours. Among them, detective-like-child was lingering around them. The alien family had a lot to suffer and learn in a humorous way.

Trouble Locks

Humans Beings had to learn a lot from them. Each situation created dinosaur size problems to them and laughter to the audience. Furthermore, the neighbours come to know about their reality. It was hard for them to accept, plus they had to help them. Each situation was made hilariously problematic.


These series make you need more. People must watch this real Laugh-Out-Loud series. No TV series were made this amusing. If you are looking for stomach hurting laugh, here you go. Fans are waiting for season 2, but there’s no sign yet.

Hoping for the big day

  • Show reigned: 9th June 2014- 14th November 2016
  • episodes: 636
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Original Network: Sab TV
  • Available on:

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