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Indian Idol 12 judge Neha Kakkar takes a break from TV and addresses pregnancy rumours; ‘I want to lose weight, can’t look pregnant anymore’

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Indian Idol 12 judge Neha Kakkar takes a break from TV and addresses pregnancy rumours; ‘I want to lose weight, can’t look pregnant anymore’

Indian Idol 12 judge Neha Kakkar raised quite a few eyebrows when she left the show and her elder sister Sonu took the judge’s chair. Neha Kakkar, her husband and her family have recently come up with a show based on their lives and the singer addressed the burning question – ‘Is Neha Kakkar pregnant?’ Neha opened up about her life post marriage, weight gain, pregnancy rumours and more. Read ahead to find out more:

Taking a break from Indian Idol

Neha shared that she took a break from Indian Idol for many reasons. She shared, “I actually wanted to take a break from TV. I have done TV for 4 years at a stretch.” Neha said that people started thinking that she took a break because she is pregnant.

Sister Sonu shares the real reason

Sonu Kakkar shared that Neha wanted to enjoy her marital life and that is why she took a break. And meanwhile, Neha put on a little bit of weight.

The family in shock with Neha’s pregnancy rumours

It all started when Tony Kakkar started getting questioned about being a ‘mama’ and Rohanpreet Singh getting ‘miffed’ calls from his close friends about learning the news from the media. Sonu, too, made a panic call to her parents to know if Neha is really pregnant

Fake pregnancy pictures

Neha’s husband Rohanpreet said that they found fake pictures of Neha with baby bump all over the Internet. Rohanpreet said in their show, “It seemed like she is having not one but two babies.

Getting trolled post marriage

Neha revealed that the pregnancy rumours started just within two months of her marriage. Neha said, “I got to read some really harsh comments like, ‘Industry wale toh aise hi hote hai, shaadi se pehle ho gaya hoga sab.” Neha’s mother also expressed shock. Neha shared that she also got to read comments like she got pregnant and that’s why chose to get married. However, the singer added that they all laughed about it and took it in a positive way thinking that people want to know more about them

Neha gets real about her weight gain

The singer says that she did put on some weight but not like she is pregnant. She says, “Neha Kakkar bhi chubby, golu-polu ho sakti hai.” Rohan adds, “I want to make it clear that Neha’s ‘tond’ (belly) is the result of family love and tasty Indian food.”

‘Mujhe fit hona hai’

Rohan with his love-filled eyes calls Neha pretty and beautiful and also assures that she will get fit again. Neha adds that she wants to lose weight and requests her fans to share weight loss tips for her. Neha laughs and says, “I can’t look pregnant anymore.”

On planning a baby

The entire family clears the air saying that Neha Kakkar is not pregnant. Neha adds, “We have no intention to have a baby in the coming 2-3 years. I have a lot of songs to do, performances and to entertain everyone.” To this Rohan adds, “We have a lot of masti to do, have fun and enjoy life.

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