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Olsen Twins’ Enormous Career Change

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley-Fuller Olsen also known as the Olsen twins as a duo. Between the years 1992 and 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen starred in 14 original films made with their own production company, Dualstar. By then, American audiences had already known the twins since they were 9 months old when they began their stint as Michelle Tanner on Full House(1987-1995). The twins were 18 when they starred in their last movie, New York Minute, and officially reached adulthood in front of the camera.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Merchandise
Mary-Kate and Ashley Merchandise

Fan Following

Mary-Kate and Ashley had a vast fan following in 90’s and 2000’s. They were very famous all over especially in western countries. They included merchandises such as: Dolls, games, books, dvds, body-mists, magazines etc. The twins even launched magazine Fan-Club called ‘Funzine’. Even today they have boundless fan following in social medias. Even though the twins are never into social media they receive Fan love. Many Facebook pages and groups along with Instagram,Twitter,Quora, so on but aren’t owned by them.

Books For the Bookworms:

Mary-Kate and Ashley books are best readable books. The books are thin-size and good fonts. These scripts are likely for teenager. Their books always read- Real Books for Real Girls. There are more than ten series, that also aired on TV.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Books
Mary-Kate and Ashley Books
  • Full house
  • Full house sisters
  • Full house Michelle
  • You are Invited to (Party Series)
  • New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley
  • Two of a Kind
  • Two of a Kind Diaries
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action
  • So little Time
  • Sweet-16
  • Starring-in
  • New York Minute (Single Novel)

A Career Thing

Mary-Kate and Ashley Pictures
Mary-Kate and Ashley Art by William Haydon

The Twins born on 13th June 1986, made a debut in 1987, when 9 months old. Twins entered acting career without their choice, yet they gained success and ended becoming millionaires. They had a keen interest over fashion since childhood. They say that they picked up their own clothes when they were 13. Playing up with fashion was their vested interest. So now they all into fashion with store: Elizabeth and James, OlsenBoye, The Row and hopefully many more to come! The twins are also known Boho Queens since they go sizzling in Bohemian Avatar.

Fans are waiting for them to get back on acting career yet are happy with their choices. All success to the Olsen Twins!!!

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