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Some unknown facts about Krithi Sanon

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Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon is well-known for both her acting prowess and attractive appearance. Despite the fact that she has been well-known for a while, many people might not be aware of some things about her. The following information about Kriti Sanon is fascinating:

  1. She holds a degree in engineering. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is Kriti Sanon’s field of study at the undergraduate level. She graduated from Noida’s Jaypee Institute of Information Technology.
  2. She has received formal training in classical dance, having spent years studying Kathak. Kriti Sanon She has also performed at numerous occasions and productions.
  3. She began her career as a model: Kriti Sanon started her career as a model before making her Bollywood debut. She has starred in numerous television ads and walked the catwalk for a number of well-known designers.
  4. Kriti Sanon wants to keep a healthy lifestyle and is an avid fitness fanatic. To stay active and fit, she often goes to the gym and performs yoga.
  5. Although being a fitness fanatic, Kriti Sanon enjoys indulging in her favourite cuisines. She frequently mentions how much she enjoys desserts and street cuisine.
  6. Kriti Sanon has two dogs named Disco and Phoebe and loves animals in general. On social media, she frequently posts images and videos of her pets.
  7. Kriti Sanon avoids activities like bungee jumping and skydiving because she is afraid of heights.
  8. Kriti Sanon has a serious sweet tooth and enjoys indulging in delicacies, particularly chocolate.
  9. Kriti Sanon is an accomplished poet; she has even posted some of her works on social media.
  10. Kriti Sanon is a multilingual actress who speaks Punjabi, Hindi, and English with ease. Also, she has dubbed herself in the Tamil and Telugu versions of her films.

Kriti Sanon has some unusual personality traits that are less well recognised about her. She continues to attract people with her endearing nature and acting talent despite her success.

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