Fuller House (2016-2020) a sequel series of Full House(1987-1995) which was a hit show, missed a character, Michelle. Michelle is the youngest sister of DJ and Stephanie Tanner played by the Olsen Twins- Mary-Kate and Ashley in Full House (the twins played one character named Michelle).

In the year 2004, the twins waved goodbye to the acting career and switched towards Fashion, which they always admired. But in 2011 Mary-Kate was seen on the screen of the movie Beastly, which was termed as her last movie. And now the Olsen Twins have nailed their career as Fashion Designers in ‘Elizabeth and James’.

The Twins say its been long time that they are done with acting so they can’t make-up to it. But in Fuller house the sisters DJ and Stephanie quote that Michelle is in Fashion Industry and may come soon, this is how they cover up the absence of Michelle. The fans expected Michelle to be on the last episode, but no… Hence the Olsen fans are slightly disappointed.